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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help answer any questions. Feel free to read over our Frequently Asked Questions below

1. How much is my car worth?
Just like home values, car values can fluctuate based on the local market. The demand in your area may vary over time and factors such as supply shortages can also affect the value of used cars.

2. What factors are accounted for when assessing a trade in value?
At South Bay Ford, each vehicle is assessed holistically to determine its value. We require a physical inspection of the vehicle and cannot provide a value over the phone. Here are some of the factors that may be considered:
  • Milage: A lower mileage indicates less wear and tear on a vehicle and increases its resale value.
  • Accessories: Features such as all-season floor mats, or splash guards, or vehicle security systems all add value to a car and are considered when evaluating its value.
  • Accident history: Cars lose value after accidents. To help increase the value, be sure to clean and detail your car and bring proof of completed repairs when presenting your car to a dealership.
  • Overall condition: If there are any repairs that need to be done on your vehicle, be sure to complete those before bringing in your car for an assessment. Visit our Quick Lane Service Center and our Ford Certified Technicians can perform a 21 point inspection to ensure that your vehicle is in good working order.
  • Personalization: Too much personalization can make it difficult to find a buyer that has the same tastes and as a result will lower the resale value of your car. If possible, remove any vibrantly colored seat covers or bumper stickers before bringing in your car for a trade in assessment.

3. What are the advantages to trading in my car versus selling it myself?
There are many advantages to trading in your car that save you time and money. Here are a few:
  • Save on detailing costs: Private buyers expect a car that looks clean and is free of dents and scratches. Rather than spending out of pocket to repair your car before selling, you can trade it in to a dealership that includes the reconditioning cost in your trade-in value. Saving money upfront allows you to make a larger down payment towards your new vehicle.
  • Avoid the stress of advertising: Selling a car independently requires a big commitment. You’ll need to take quality photos, write a compelling description, and upload them to several advertising platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up or Next Door. Checking the status of your listing and responding to messages take time and you’ll find that even after showing the car to prospective buyers, they might not be ready to buy. This results in stress that could be avoided by simply trading your car in and letting the dealership take care of the sale.
  • Reduce the wait: Have your eye on a specific car in the lot? You’ll need to act fast because dealership inventory rotates frequently. If you don’t want to lose out on the car of your dreams, trade in your current vehicle and its value will be automatically included in the transaction of your new car.
  • Secure your safety: You might not be comfortable meeting strangers at your home or allowing them to take your car on test drives. Even if the buyer seems friendly, you may be at risk of transaction fraud. It’s not uncommon for cars to be stolen before payment. Even if they do pay, electrical payments can be canceled and counterfeit bills or forged checks are hard to detect. The best way to ensure a safe transaction is by choosing a licensed dealership that you can trust. South Bay Ford has been family owned for over 28 years and has a reputation of upholding the highest standard of service. Read our reviews to learn why our customers are consistently satisfied with their experience.
  • Get a fair price: Privately selling a used car is all about timing. If you sell your car during the off-season, there will be less buyers in the market and you may have to settle for less than your car is worth. If you wait for the time of year when demand is highest, there will be a lot of competing sellers that could outshine your vehicle. To get a fair price, regardless of the season, choose to trade in your vehicle.

4. What will happen to my trade in?
Most vehicles are kept by the dealership and resold as used cars. Some may be resold to other dealers or sent to an auction.
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