Financing That Puts You Behind the Wheel

Ford Credit offers a variety of competitive financing options with benefits and features designed to make driving home in a new Ford affordable and convenient.

To assist you in making your vehicle decision, here are some current specials going on now!

Lease payments are usually lower than similar-term finance payments because you’re only paying for the portion of the vehicle’s value used during the lease term (and any associated lease charges).

Red Carpet Lease provides unique benefits and features:

  • Variety of popular terms, including our popular 24/36 month leases
  • Seven mileage options to choose from
  • Customize your vehicle at time of purchase with approved accessories

At the end of your Red Carpet Lease, you also have your choice of three different options:

  • Buy or Lease a new Ford
  • Purchase your Lease Vehicle at a predetermined price
  • Return your Lease Vehicle (after satisfying any lease-end obligations, such as mileage and wear and use charges)

Vehicle financing can be the ultimate reward whether you're considering a new or Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicle.

Financing also has unique benefits and features:

  • Variety of popular terms
  • No mileage limits or excess wear and use charges
  • Customize your vehicle at any time
  • Each payment helps build vehicle equity toward future trade-in

Need help making your Buy vs. Lease decision? Shoot us a note and we'll help point you in the right direction. It's so easy; you'll have your answer in no time! Visit Finance Options Tool or Get Started below..

Red Carpet Lease provides the lessee listed on the Lease Agreement the option to purchase their leased vehicle.

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Red Carpet Lease provides the option of returning the vehicle at lease-end. Taking the following steps and completing our Vehicle Return Checklist will help ensure a smooth and convenient vehicle return.

We can help get you started.

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