What is Ford X-Plan Pricing?
The New Vehicle Purchase Program (X-Plan) also known as the Partner Recognition Program, is offered by Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company to the employees, retirees, spouses and other household members (driver’s license required for proof of residency) of selected Tier 1 suppliers, business partners, fleet partners and special organizations having a unique relationship with the Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company.

Participation in the program is contingent on the Partner Company's continued relationship with Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company and will stay in effect until terminated by either party upon a thirty (30) days prior written notice provided to the other party. Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company may terminate this program upon thirty (30) days notice at its respective sole discretion.

This is a great opportunity for you to leverage your unique partnership with Ford Motor Company and South Bay Ford.
Why Become a Member of the Ford Family?

X-Plan and A/Z Plans take the guesswork out of buying and it's the best way for you to get the most for your money on a new Ford vehicle. The X-Plan opens opportunities for Ford's Partner companies to Purchase Ford vehicles for less than dealership invoice with pricing incentives and no hassle. The A and Z plans open opportunities for Ford Motor Company employees and family members. Ford offers many other incentive programs to meet most everyone's needs.

How Do I Qualify for the Ford Partner Recognition Program or (X-Plan)?
An eligible Partner Recognition employee or retiree may generate up to two (2) PINs per calendar year to be used towards the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or members of their households as noted below (see PIN Generation for details):

  • Employees (full time, part-time and contract), retirees and spouses of eligible Partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and members of specific organizations or groups.
  • Residents of the same household as listed above (driver’s license required for proof of residency).
  • Participation is by invitation only as determined by Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company. Not all suppliers, fleets, etc. are eligible.
Proof of Eligibility
  • For employees of eligible partner companies, you must provide a recent pay stub, company I.D., W-2 or company healthcare card. All are acceptable items to verify employment. (Note: business cards will not be accepted as proof of employment). The dealership must list the company or organization's name on the AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement.
  • For residents in the same household as the eligible employee/retiree, driver’s licenses’ will be required for proof of residence.
  • For membership-based companies, you must provide a membership card that indicates a 90 day membership required prior to the sale date of the vehicle. Any one of the following are accepted : Membership Card, Invoice showing customer is within good standing and is current, or Screen print of Website ( Must show full name and member since information )
  • For Mustang Club of America members, you must provide a membership Card as proof of eligibility and the dealer must retain a copy as proof of membership. Customer name and membership expiration date must be on the membership card. Customers must be a member for a minimum of 90 days prior to the sales date of the vehicle. US Resident only.
Participants can obtain a PIN by logging on to www.fordpartner.com or by calling 1-877-XPLAN-00 (975-2600).

The Partner Recognition team is available to assist you with any program communication needs at xplan@ford.com.

Reap the Benefits Today!

To learn more about our incentives and the benefits of being a part of the Ford X-plan call us at (425) 353-7171 to find out about A/X/Z plans and other incentives on your new Ford.

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See below to search through our list of partner companies that participate in Ford's X-Plan pricing. Use our contact form to the left, and get in touch with us to get started!

Eligible Products
  • Current Ford and Lincoln model year and prior model year vehicles sold in the United States. See your local dealer for vehicle eligibility.
  • Vehicles may be ordered from production or, if the dealer agrees, may be selected from the inventory of the dealership.
  • Prior model year vehicles may be purchased or leased while supplies last for products under X-Plan. See your selling dealer for details.
  • Dealer demonstrator units (no mileage restriction). No additional discount is permitted beyond incentives compatible with an X-Plan deal.
Ineligible Products
  • Certain commercial use or specialty products and certain "low-supply" vehicles as defined by Ford and Lincoln. Click here for a specific list of Ineligible Products.
  • Used vehicles.
The following is a list of partner companies that participate in Ford's X-Plan pricing. Use our contact form to the left, and get in touch with us to get started!