2023 Bronco® Heritage Edition | South Bay Ford

Plaid Cloth Seating

When Bronco® was first roaming the trails, plaid was all the rage. Sofas, drapes, coolers... it was everywhere. And now this classic pattern is back. Comfortable in winter and summer, these cloth seats really add to the retro flavor.
2023 Bronco® Heritage Edition | South Bay Ford

17" Oxford White Wheels

These classic-looking wheels are the perfect way to top off your vintage-looking Bronco®.
2023 Bronco® Heritage Edition | South Bay Ford

Sasquatch® Package

The 2023 Bronco® Heritage Edition's Sasquatch® Package has several turn-key off-road features so there’s no need to piece together your own. From the large 35-inch tires and electronic-locking front and rear axles to the 4.7 final drive ratio, HOSS 2.0 System with Bilstein. Position-Sensitive Dampers and fender flares — these rugged components work together to provide the ultimate driving experience on any terrain.

Not available on Raptor®.
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