Join us at South Bay Ford as we unveil the highly anticipated 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, a true powerhouse that commands attention from every angle. The exterior's meticulous design showcases its accessory-ready features, offering customization options that cater to your preferences. Open up the back, and you'll find a blend of versatility and practicality with folding seats, additional power outlets, and abundant storage space. Inside, the signature orange accents, branded seats, and advanced touchscreen display create a premium driving experience. The removable tops add even more versatility, while the spacious back seating area provides comfort for all passengers. The 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Edition is a rare find that lives up to its hype, and we're thrilled to share our first hand encounter with this remarkable vehicle. Join us for a tour of this vehicle at South Bay Ford!


"I get excited just looking at the key. I can't wait to see this thing. Welcome back to South Bay Ford. I think this is the video that I'm most excited to do. Why? Because it is the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor. This is the Beast, this is the one. Let's take a look at this thing, starting from the exterior. We're gonna make our way to the end here. Let's get started.

See, it's even the little caps here that say 'Raptor' around them.

All right, now I gotta show you what's underneath as well, right? We've got a Big Bend right next to it, and you can tell side by side that the Raptor is going to sit taller. One of the things I noticed as I walk around this is that everything is labeled as accessory-ready, which means that you can look these up to see, 'Okay, there are additional things I can purchase if I want to,' and you know exactly where they're going and what else you can do with them. The Raptor logo on the back. Let's open this up, there's your back door once again, accessory-ready. You can get grills, etc. for this back door, and then both pop open as you can see.

Those seats will obviously fold down 60/40, featuring an additional 12 volts right here. Then speakers, you have them on both sides, that one over here as well, and then underneath is additional storage as well as your jack and the equipment you're gonna need to change the tire. On this side, you have more accessory-ready items you can purchase for the back. Let's jump in. That orange trim on the door as well as up here. Notorious orange stripe for the Raptor. Raptor logo in the seats.

First, press start. The speedometer telling me I don't have my seat belt. I'm not going anywhere. So standing right here on the steering wheel, here's your controls. This is your full-size display, touchscreen display. Below that you also have your hard buttons which you can control most of this stuff with. This gives you the third side view just to show you what the vehicle has. It shows me my surroundings. I throw it into reverse, it shows us the back. We cannot move. This also has your heated steering wheel, heated seats, and air conditioning settings, and then your different settings you can control by temperature. And as you move that, it also moves up on the touchscreen. The feature I just noticed, additional charge support up top. Good, now up top we have the removable two separate tops or you can remove everything. All right, let's hop into the back. So I sit at about 5'10" and I still have plenty of space here. And then just below here we have our different charge ports and then obviously to roll up and down your windows. And that's not a step. Thank you all right, so what do you think of the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Edition? Super hard to find. I'm very happy that we got one here to show you. This is my first time seeing one in person as well. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for watching South Bay Ford."