Join Don from South Bay Ford Lincoln as he presents the Ford Mach E GT in the mesmerizing Grabber Blue color. In this in-depth exterior tour, you'll discover the exclusive features that make this electric vehicle truly special. From the GT package with its eye-catching rims and bright red calipers to the premium accents, extended range battery, and all-wheel drive capability, the Mach E GT delivers both style and performance. Learn about the convenient power inlet options for charging and explore the front trunk's ample storage space. Discover the safety and ease-of-use features like the assisted doors and adjustable hatch height. Don't miss out on this remarkable electric car! Like and subscribe for more exciting content from South Bay Ford Lincoln.


"Hi, this is Don from South Bay Ford Lincoln, and this is the brand new Mach-E GT. It's in a beautiful Grabber Blue, which is an exclusive color for the Mach E. You won't see this on any other Ford. We have the GT package, so we have nice rims and bright red calipers. The GT pony emblem is exclusive to the Mach E because it's an electric vehicle. You don't need all the grille inlets, so it's very special to the Mach E. It also has premium headlights and the premium GT sensor package. We have a beautiful racing stripe accent that goes through the entire side of the car. You can tell it's an extended range battery version because of the 'X,' and it's an all-wheel drive vehicle because of the '4' next to the Mach-E name. This color is beautiful, especially in the sunlight. The premium GT logo on the back and the two-tone color scheme make it really stand out. Another notable feature on the exterior is the shiny cap mirror, which gives it a more premium look compared to the standard version.

Now, let's talk about the power inlet for charging. We have level one, level two, and level three charging options. Level one is your standard wall socket, while level two is similar to your home dryer hookup, providing faster charging. At the bottom, we have the DC fast charger, which can give you about 40 minutes of charging time. These are highly sought after, and although they come at a premium, they're worth it for peace of mind during your travels.

I want to highlight the symbols on the side again because they have important meanings. The 'X' indicates an extended range battery, so if it were a two-wheel drive car, it would have around 300 miles of range. For the all-wheel drive version, you're looking at approximately 260 to 300 miles of range, leaning more towards 260 due to the engagement of all the wheels. The all-wheel drive not only enhances grip and safety but also improves performance. Having all the wheels powered means you'll have a lot more fun, and it can get you out of trouble as well. We want to ensure you'll keep coming back for more.

Now, one unique thing about all Mach-E models is that they don't have a traditional engine. Instead, what you see here is the front trunk or frunk. In this later production vehicle, we don't have the dividers that were present in the earlier series, so you have this entire area for storage. It even has a drain plug, allowing you to store wet items like ice, sodas, or meat for a barbecue. With the gasket and seal around the top, you can take your party with you and enjoy your beverages. It's convenient and ensures you're prepared for any occasion.

Moving on, opening the trunk is incredibly easy. Simply pull the lever twice, and it lifts up without any extra buttons to deal with. It's super convenient. Another unique feature is the Mustang GT heritage emblem on the back, which pays homage to the original Mustang GTs. Additionally, they offer a practical feature where you can kick open the trunk if your hands are full or you need easy access. Closing it is just as effortless, making life a lot easier without struggling with every button on the car.

For added convenience, the hatch height can be adjusted to accommodate narrow garages or low ceilings. By holding down the button for a five-count, you can lower the height, and another press brings it back to the highest position. It's a useful feature for people of different heights or when you encounter space constraints.

These doors are assisted, which is a great safety feature for both older individuals and young ones. When you push the button to open the door, it pops itself out to assist you, and when you close it, it automatically closes. It's particularly helpful when you have little ones who want to get in and out without worrying about their fingers getting caught. The doors ensure their safety.

So, that wraps up the tour of the all-new Mach-E GT Edition in Grabber Blue. It's a unique and rare vehicle. Thank you for watching this exterior video. I encourage you all to like and subscribe to this channel. Thank you very much"