Ford Mustang Mach-E and Easy EV Charging

Owning an EV is surprisingly easy. Ford is committed to making it even easier by teaming up with a best-in-class partner to keep your all-electric Mustang Mach-E charged.

Qmerit & Mustang Mach-E

You may think any electrician can install your charging equipment, but electric vehicle charging differs from other appliances in your house.

Adding a 240-volt outlet in your garage may seem simple. However, unlike appliances like your electric clothes dryer or electric kitchen range you use a couple of times a week for a few hours, you’ll probably charge your Mustang overnight, night after night. Not all electrical equipment is made to handle EV charging, and many electrical contractors aren’t up to speed on the EV charging industry.

That’s where Qmerit comes in because they specialize in electric vehicle charging equipment. Qmerit has a network of Qmerit-certified and licensed electrical contractors. Many of these contractors have been operating in your neighborhood already, but Qmerit vets and conducts background checks on them. Then, they train the electricians to install electrical vehicle charging equipment and follow special guidelines.

Qmerit installers use specific best practices

  • Only use industrial-grade 240-v outlets, not the outlets that you can pick up at a local hardware store
  • Only use copper wire - never aluminum; aluminum wire expands and contracts 30% more than copper wire; over time, the expansion and contraction can actually push the screws off the connections, causing a fire hazard
  • Make sure all connections are correctly torqued to manufacturer specifications and use torquing wrenches, not just hand-tightened
  • Pull permits so everything is done to code
  • Manage the permitting and inspection process

Qmerit has the highest customer satisfaction score in the commercial service industry. The Qmerit customer success team closely monitors your installation to deliver a seamless experience every step of the way, and they offer an annual safety and service plan so you can have peace of mind that your system is performing safely and correctly year after year.

The Qmerit electricians even proactively check on the latest California rebates and incentives for your EV charging equipment.

Get Charged Up

Every Mustang Mack-E comes standard with the Ford mobile charger, so you're always within a charge when you need it. The charger is stored under the carpeted panel in the rear cargo area. It includes two connectors, one that plugs into a 120-volt outlet and the other for a 240-volt outlet.

The design of the charge port is a great feature. It’s located in front of the driver's side door. Press on the center-right edge to unlatch it. When you open the charge port door, a helpful light above the port illuminates to help you plug in the charge cord.

With some other cars, it’s hard to see the progress of charging, but the Mustang Mach-E has a charge status indicator light to the right of the charge port that shows you the charging status. It’s a light ring with five zones; each zone represents 20% charge status.

The light pulses to indicate the zone that is in the process of charging. When all five zones are lit, the charge is at 100%. You can also check the battery charge status in the cluster on your interior sync screen and on the FordPass app.

Take One Out for a Gallop

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