In this video, Brandon from South Bay Ford demonstrates how to turn on the lane keep assist mode and explains the different levels of lane keep assist. He emphasizes the importance of keeping the mode on for safety purposes and explains that the vehicle will alert the driver if they are swaying too much and need to take a break. Brandon shows how to access the lane keep assist settings in the vehicle menu and explains that the mode provides visual and tactile aids to help the driver stay centered in their lane. He recommends using the aid mode for an even greater level of assistance. Finally, Brandon shows how to adjust the alert sensitivity and demonstrates the different levels of sensitivity. He advocates for keeping the lane keep assist mode on while driving to increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents.


Brandon here at South Bay Ford. I just wanted to show you how to turn your Lane Assist mode on and the different levels of Lane Keep Assist, and why I love keeping it on. [Music]

Even if we're at our best, focused, and just had coffee, or meditated, it's always nice to know you have a vehicle that is also checking in on you. If it tells you that you're swaying too much and your Lane Keep is working too hard, it will advise you to take a break. When that happens, I think it's after several Lane Keep Assists; it will notify you to pull over, and that is very cool. I suggest listening to that because it's for your safety, and that is the most important thing when you're driving. You can find it in Settings; it is on our first menu here, and our first option here. We can just read about it real quick; this is everything that it does.

Alright, here we go. Mode. So we have an Alert, which will notify you right here once you get on a freeway. It's going to give you a road icon right here and show you both sides of the road. If you're swaying too much to the right, it will turn the whole right side of the road red. Let me show you what that looks like; it's going to do just that. Pretend that road is going to be right here, and it's going to be notifying you there. Aid is kind of crazy because if you are swaying over to the left too much, it will give you a little jolt. So it's kind of like bumpers, say your car is the bowling ball, you're going a little too much out of your lane, to go dude, and then that lets you know you have to center it, and that's incredible.

For that to be in an XLE model, this is our base Explorer model, and I'm very lucky to have that. I do feel safe and alert. Plus, Aid is just going to combine the two, which I recommend having because it's not only going to give you that visual aid on your screen right in front of you, right there, it's going to give you that little jolt, that little wake-up shake in your steering wheel, and that is everything.

Alert Sensitivity is going to show you - whoa, I did not know that - so it gives you an example. Wow! So let me show you what low looks like, a little bit of a shake, normal, and high.