In this tour, we take a close look at the impressive 2022 Ford F-150 4x4 SuperCrew Lightning, a highly sought-after vehicle that sells out quickly. The host gives us a tour of the Lightning, highlighting its exterior features, spacious interior, and advanced technology, including a large touchscreen with various controls. The Lightning comes equipped with a tow package, trailer tow package, Ford co-pilot, and bedliner. The backseat offers plenty of legroom and convenient storage options. Additionally, the automatic tailgate release, measuring tape, and multiple charging outlets make this truck a practical and innovative choice. Don't miss this in-depth review of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning at South Bay Ford!


“All right, so today's episode is a little bit different. We've got this Lightning, and it's always hard to find these to shoot them for you guys because they sell so fast. This one's getting charged because we just got it in; we want to make sure it's charged up. So I'm gonna give you a full tour of the Lightning. Wow, it's plugged in.

So, you know it's Lightning I'm showing you here. It is a 2022 F-150 4x4 SuperCrew Lightning, and the optional equipment you're gonna see on this particular Lightning that I'm showing you is going to have the tow package, the liner trailer tow package, Ford co-pilot, and then the bedliner. So, if you've seen our past episodes, you'll know I start you off with an exterior look. I'm going to give you a full walk around, but yeah, I'm going to start off with the exterior.

Let's take a look at the interior. Gotta show you this door, got a cool material to it, so it's not your normal door panel. Seats are super comfortable, very stylish and the material I was showing you on the door runs along on the interior as well. Here are some of your settings right as you walk in.

Okay, so let's start it up, see what happens. Look how big this screen is. Like I said, this is basically a walkthrough video. I'm not going to go through what everything does, but I will show you some of the cool things that it has here that you can control from this huge touchscreen.

Obviously, there's no phone attached to it yet. Looks like she's ready to come off the charger; she's at 100%.

Here you have your cell phone charger and then your additional plug-in chargers. Above that, we have additional outlets. Cupholders down, additional workspace. Let's check out the back seat. Along the door, it has that same material. To have an open front seat, similar to sitting here in the back. Down low, we have the additional plugs and chargers, so I'm about five nine, five ten; I have plenty of legroom as you can see, which is nice. And then in the back of the seat, we have an additional storage, kind of a cool feature.

Other than the lights, there you can actually open the hood from here, look at that. Obviously, there's no motor in here, but hey, storage. Some additional storage underneath, and this part is pretty insane; look at all the plugs you can get in there, it's awesome. If you need to use the remote to close it, I hit this little button around the back. Here we have the automatic tailgate release.

Yeah, you're gonna see some of these cool features on a lot of the Fords, not just the Lightning. Comes with the measuring tape in the back here so you can measure things while you're working and also the push-button release tail step. And then in the back here, you're going to see that additional liner. Over here, a little bit of anything you're going to want to plug in, not remote. We'll also put the tailgate back up.”