Odometer of a Ford Hybrid vehicle
The technology in Ford hybrid vehicles such as Ford Fusion or Ford Escape features a gas-powered engine and an electric motor that can seamlessly switch from one to the other or run on both gas and electric simultaneously. This is how Ford hybrids optimize your driving experience and improve your fuel economy.

Hybrid cars have fewer fluids and internal parts, making them cheaper to maintain in the long run. If you are a proud owner of a Ford hybrid vehicle or considering buying one, it is good to know that they still require similar servicing as gas models.

Below we answer a few of customers' typical questions about servicing Ford hybrid vehicles.

Do you have to get new brakes on Electric and Hybrid Cars?
Yes, the brake pads on your hybrid or electric vehicle will not last forever. Many Ford hybrid vehicles and EVs need a brake inspection and service at the 5-year mark vs. standard cars, which need brake pad replacement every 40,000-50,000 miles. In addition to the regenerative brakes, these cars are equipped with friction brakes that kick into use as needed. Ford's regenerative braking system recharges your battery and assists the traditional brakes. The electric motor also helps slow down your vehicle, so you will use your brakes less, but you will use them.

How long will a Ford hybrid vehicle battery last?

Under normal conditions, your hybrid battery is designed to perform reliably for approximately every 150,000 miles or 15 years. That may be longer than you even own your hybrid car! As with all vehicles, the battery life depends on your driving habits and maintenance. Standard car batteries typically last four to six years.

Do you need to get oil changes for your hybrid car?

Yes, again. A Ford hybrid vehicle runs on synthetic oil that needs to be changed every 6,000 miles. South Bay Ford recommends regular oil changes. While you’re here, have your filter replaced and your wheels checked. Regular oil changes and filter replacements in a Ford hybrid car can prolong its lifespan.

Will your tires last longer?

As with regular tires, hybrid tire wear depends on your driving. If you are mostly city driving, your tires will wear down more quickly than if you were doing a lot of highway driving. However, with regular rotations and proper inflation at South Bay Ford, hybrid tires can last just as long as their gas-powered counterparts.

If your Ford hybrid's tires puncture, they can be repaired or replaced. The best way to determine if your Ford vehicle needs tire repair or replacement is to come into South Bay Ford Quick Lane service department. Our certified technicians will be able to determine whether tire repair or replacement is necessary based on puncture location, size, state of wear, and type of damage.

Save Big with Hybrid
Even though there may be a higher upfront cost to investing in a hybrid vehicle, you’ll save in the long run when it comes to service and, of course, gas! Read our blog on How to Save Money with a Ford Hybrid Vehicle. Our Ford dealership offers the latest deals on the new Ford Explorer Platinum, Ford Maverick, and Ford Escape Hybrid.

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