See all our favorite features on the Ford Bronco sport Badlands Edition. This list includes:
  • 5-star safety ratings
  • Drive modes (GOAT modes)
  • Full light-up display and LCD screen
  • Touch screen with apps
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Comfortable power adjustable seats with a secure storage area
  • Push start button with Auto Stop start feature
  • Easy-to-open tailgate
  • Plug in the back


Here's some of my favorite things about the Ford Bronco sport Badlands Edition. So this is the Ford Bronco sport that I'm talking about. It is a 2022 Badlands four-wheel drive, has the 2.0 liter ecoboost engine.

This is one of my very favorite things right off the bat is your government five-star safety ratings you're getting five stars on almost everything they have. This Bronco sport has the goat modes and we did a full explanation on what the goat modes are but basically this is one of my favorite features on this because it allows you different drive modes. So you can see as I toggle through these you have your normal, your Eco, your sport mode, your slippery mode, ice a lot of rain, mud and rut, sand and rock craw. Now lets control simply by just turning the knob here.

All right so you normally shouldn't get geeked out about an instrument cluster right but this one here having the ability to fully light up and look at that even give you a little LCD screen. I'm good with that I like that. I have the ability to kind of flush through all your settings as well, if you're coming from an older car it doesn't have this stuff it's nice. It's fun.

All right then we have the touch screen which I like. I love touch screens. I can't mess with it right now because this car has not been sold yet and we don't want to take this tape off it secures it but with the touchscreen you can do a lot of stuff has apps all that kind of stuff which is cool I do like that it's a great feature but it's a feature in a lot of these cars. But this thing also has the front camera view that's looking in front of me so if I turn this in the reverse, see that's behind me, and then go back in the drive, click the button, and you can see that Ford Bronco that's in front of me there. I do like to have both front and rear cameras. That's a nice addition.

I am also a big fan of these seats. I love that it has a Bronco emblem right there in the seats but more than that I like the feel of it. You know this is where you're going to be spending all of your time and so to have the power adjustable seats to get that thing situated just right where you are is important. And then look right, look at this look how comfortable that looks and it is as comfortable as it looks. And this subtle blue stripe that it has on the seat matches the blue on the door.

I mentioned the front of the seats where it was all comfortable but here's kind of a geeky thing that I like. On the back of the seats for the people sitting in the back here you can unzip the hat and it opens up and it's actually really padded so if you had a cell phone or something in there you knew that it was both secure and also the ability to zip it up so you don't lose it doesn't fly around the back here.

So I'm gonna preference this next one before I get going. I drive with an older car that still uses one of these it's an actual key. Not with a Bronco you have the push start button to where you hold the key fob wherever you want to. And boom all you have to do is push it and it starts right on up.

So the Bronco sport also comes with Auto Stop start which helps get you better gas mileage whenever you stop it like a red light the engine will basically shut down to save you gas. But some people don't like it so this one has this Auto feature that if you push this button boom it deactivates it so you can activate it or deactivate it with a simple push of a switch.

All right here's a simple one we know that if we push the button the whole tailgate opens, but check this out down here we have it a simple button open and now you have just that top part now when you use that a lot it's nice to have it because if you don't want to have to lift that entire tailgate just pop that button and then just the top opens up so if you're holding groceries or whatever you can just drop them right in the back without having this like I said that whole tailgate open.

And finally another little geeky thing I like it's a small ad but I love that they have an actual plug in the back if you're gonna go camping that can come in handy alright.
So there you have it, my favorite features on the Bronco sport 2022. Thanks for watching South Bay Ford.

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