2024 Ford Bronco - Timeless Trot with Modern Moves

The Bronco lineage is legendary. Many collectors garage vintage Bronco’s to keep a piece of Bronco history for themselves. However, in 2024, the Bronco gallops back onto our roads with modern, powerful technology and retro flair. The throwback plaid patterned seats and the vintage instrument panels are nods to the classic past, but riding into the future is where the Bronco is going.

Top Technology

Speaking of technology, you can race this Bronco into the future with SYNC 4, the communications and entertainment system that includes voice recognition, an LCD touchscreen, and cloud connectivity. SYNC 4 has twice the computing power of SYNC 3 and is designed to make it easier to navigate, play music, and connect your phone to your vehicle. It also combines conversational voice recognition with internet search results to provide drivers and passengers with the latest information. SYNC 4 can help inform you about the latest weather, traffic, construction zones, and parking availability. The enhanced camera packages, especially with the Hilux upgrade, are like an eagle-eyed companion, ensuring every move is calculated and safe.

A Higher-Level Horse for Off-Roading

The all-new Ford Bronco includes a terrain management system with several driving modes. This system is called GOAT, which means "goes over any terrain.”

The GOAT driving modes are simple to switch and valuable in nearly any driving condition: no more muddy boots or the hassle of Manual Hub engagement. With a simple turn of a dial, you pick from an array of terrain- tackling modes. Whether braving sand dunes or navigating treacherous rocks, GOAT ensures your ride is poised and precise.

Raising Off-Roading to New Heights

As if GOAT mode isn’t enough, now you don’t have to worry about scratching the underbelly of your prized Bronco. The new Ford Bronco design includes steel bash plates to guard the engine transmission transfer face and the fuel tank. These plates were previously only available via the after-market, but now they are factory standard.

In addition, the genius engineers at Ford built the Bronco with a high- performance off-road suspension system that has three customizable levels so that you can tailor the driving setting to the type of terrain beneath your tires.

The Badlands and the Black Diamond trims even come with Bilstein shocks, front sway-bar disconnect, 33-inch all-terrain tires, locking front and rear differentials and full-time four-wheel drive. These features provide unparalleled wheel articulation.

Bronco Horsepower

The Bronco offers two strong powertrain engine choices. The first is a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers a mighty 300 horsepower. The second option is the twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6 boasting a robust 330 horsepower.

Ok, so two choices aren’t enough. For true enthusiasts, only the Raptor model elevates to a heart-pounding 400 plus horsepower.

Ride into South Bay Ford

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No spurs or boots are required.