In this video from South Bay Ford, we show a close up of the Fighter Jet Gray color on the 2023 Mustang Mach 1 Premium. The color has become popular among manufacturers in recent years, and the matte black accents on the rims, side mirrors, and underneath the car add a nice touch to the overall look. Watch to see why this color is so popular!


Welcome back to South Bay Ford in Lincoln and today we're doing another color-based video for you, and it's on Mustang GT. This one we're going to be showing you is Fighter Jet Gray. Alright, so this is the 2023 Mustang Mach 1 Premium that is the Fighter Jet Gray that we're looking at. Alright, you're also gonna notice on top of the paint here is the Mach 1 Hood stripe and the Mach 1 side stripe. Now, this color tone has become very popular in the last two years with all the manufacturers. People are really liking this color. You gotta let us know what you think of it here on this Ford Mustang.

Things on this, and I like the way it has that matte black on the rims as well as underneath on the door there. And then also the matte black is right here, color-keyed into the side mirror. And not with this color is a good one two combo depth. Matte black can also be found on the back here as well as underneath but not on the cap.

[Kitty the cat enters the scene]

Kitty approves of it. Kitty, you like the color? Kitty likes the color. You like the color? You do? See, told you, she approves of the color.

So, the car is for sale, the cat is not, but let us know in the comments below what you think of this color in this 2023 Ford Mustang. Is it something that you really like or is it something you could do without? Thanks for watching South Bay Ford. Have a great day!