2023 F 150 Lightning on a camping trip
While heavy-duty pickup trucks are still standard tools of the trade for contractors and people who move around equipment, the F-150 Lightning can also become your new family car. Given this electric heavy-duty pickup truck’s fantastic design, convenience and safety features, you, your family and your friends can travel in style and comfort.

Practically Designed for Users

The interior design is so practical and user-friendly. The doors have spaces for keys and phones. There are plenty of drink holders, two glove compartments, a big center console, tons of legroom and headroom. All Lightnings come with a crew cab. An adult can easily sit in the middle back passenger seat with child car seats on either side.

Storage & Workspace

More people means more stuff. You don’t have to worry because you can bring a lot of stuff on the road in an F-150 Lightning. In addition to the truck bed, the F-150 has added storage areas. Flip up the rear seats for functional storage spaces. You’ll also find a fabulous optional hidden lockable storage box that folds out from beneath the floor to stow your valuables.

You also have ample center console space. Ford designers went all out to enable you to even work from your truck. Get this, the gear selector can motor down into a completely flat position, and the top of the console folds out to reveal a big, flat work surface to use, like a desk for working on your laptop and laying out papers.

Mega Space Frunk

This is the actual name of the F-150 Lightning front trunk. If you haven’t seen a frunk yet, it’s a blend of front and truck and refers to storage space in the front of the vehicle. Electric vehicles don’t have combustible engines, so there is open space in the front under the hood. The F-150 Lightning has 14.1 cubic feet of space in the frunk.

To help you envision the roominess, did you know that a 14 cubic foot freezer can hold more than 250 pounds of food? It even has a drainable underfloor, which can double as a food or beverage container. The frunk is large enough to fit two carry-on bags, two golf club sets, and more. If you carry something heavy in the frunk, you can secure it with the four heavy tie-downs in each corner. There are so many ways to use the frunk – you can even use it as a sitting area at your kid’s soccer matches.

Plenty of Power

This is the Ford F-150 Lightning, so the frunk delivers on its Mega-ness with four 120V electrical outlets, USB-a and USB-c ports. You can plug in toaster ovens, air pumps, charge scooters, and electric bikes – the possibilities are endless.

But wait, there is more. The F-150 Lightning Pro turns into a mobile generator with Pro Power Onboard. Pro Power delivers 9.6kW in the bed with four 120V outlets plus one 240V outlet. You also have the ability to customize your range reserve, giving you the control to make sure you have plenty of charge to get back home.

Ford Family Fun & Safety

Since the Lightning is an EV, it provides a smoother, quieter ride. Ford switched out the rear axle with an independent rear suspension to accommodate the electric battery, and you have a nice, quiet ride without the mechanical valves, fans and gears of traditional combustion engines.

Of course, the F-150 Lightning comes with Ford’s impressive safety features like lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, blind spot warning and more.

Interior of 2023 F 150 Lightning

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