$500 Student or Graduate Bonus Cash

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$500College Grad Offer
Graduate to a New Ford
Ford Fusion

2018 Ford Fusion Titanium

We know tuition and books are expensive. That's why we developed the College Student Purchase Program. College students and recent graduates are eligible for a $500 incentive, plus great rates through Ford Credit when you purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. Sign up below to receive your offer or give South Bay Ford a call for more information.
Program Details
To be eligible, students must meet one of the below requirements:

• Active College/Trade School Students: Student is enrolled Full-time OR Half-time based on the specifications of an accredited Four-Year College/University, Junior College, Community College, or Trade School that the student is attending

• Active Graduate Students: Student is currently enrolled based on the specifications of an accredited Graduate School program

• Recent College Graduates: Student has graduated and is within 3 years from their date of graduation.

• High School Seniors or Recent High School Graduates with a letter of intent to attend a qualifying university: Student must have completed all requirements for graduation to qualify using an anticipated or future graduation date, and can provide Letter of Intent to attend a qualified university.

• College Student Internships Participants, Trade School Apprenticeships and Medical Student residencies now qualify with the following restrictions: Student has attended or will attend college classes again between May 1, 2015 and January 2, 2019.
Proof of Student Eligibility
  • Proof of enrollment status in a minimum of 2 classes or 6 credit hours (i.e. copy of current class schedule, copy of term grade report, letter from the college/university/trade school registrar's office stating student is currently enrolled and in good academic standing, etc.).
  • For those students between terms (i.e. summer semester/vacation) or recent high school seniors entering their first term in college in the fall of 2017, proof of prior or future term enrollment (see examples above). Letters of Intent will be accepted for incoming college freshmen. Letters of Intent are valid for no more than 6 months.
  • Copy of diploma.
  • Letter from the college/university/trade school registrar's office stating conferred graduation date and type of degree earned. (If letter states anticipated or future graduation date, student must have completed all requirements for graduation)
Not Eligible Student Categories
  • Those students enrolled less than half time based on the specifications of an accredited College/University/Trade School.
  • One-course completion certificates.
  • On-the-job training courses (i.e. sales training, teaching certificates, professional designations and adult education courses).
  • English as a second language courses do not qualify
  • Offer is valid for the purchase or lease of a new eligible Ford Division vehicle. Limit one Bonus Cash offer per vehicle purchased or leased.
  • Dealers are no longer required to keep Student Personal documentation proof in the dealer jacket. Documentation will be stored through ID.me “Student ID” and approve by the certificate number issued.
  • Qualifying buyers will receive Bonus Cash good toward the purchase or lease of any eligible new vehicle.
  • Final paid vehicles are NOT eligible
Student Verification and Online Enrollment Steps
  • All college students and recent graduates must verify eligibility via the website www.forddrivesu.com.
  • During the registration process, customers will be verified by ID.me’s “Student ID” verification platform, a 3rd party verification service.
  • Once verified thru ID.me, customers will complete the enrollment form to receive a certificate number that will be used to claim the program in VINCENT. Certificate must be obtained PRIOR to purchasing their vehicle. The certificate will be sent to customer via the email that they used to register for this offer.